Tell Me Town

About Tell Me Town

Tell Me Town was created by national award winning author, Cindy Chambers as a place where complex health and safety information is made easier to understand through delightgful characters, stories and analogies.  It is also the place where the characters from The Beamer Book Series and Tell Me Town Books live.

In Tell Me Town everyone is loved and treated with respect reardless of their physical, mental or emotional health.  

Through Ms. Chambers creative work, real doctors, first responders, other health and safety experts, teachers, families and community members  become cartoon characters in books and other educational materials, teaching complex information in an easier to learn and understand format which is then illustrated by national award winning illustrator, Jim Huber. 

Through the delightful stories and analogies brought out in these educational materials, Beamer and his friends reduce our fears and empower us with knowledge.

Ms. Chambers and Mr. Huber have been working together for several years and have received numerous awards and recognition for their work on Tell Me Town.