Tell Me Town

The Beamer Book Series

The Beamer Book Series.

In this series, a gentle therapy dog named Beamer, who lived the life of a child when growing up in Tell Me Town, tells stories of his journey through life, learning important health and safety issues.

Beamer begins his journey in the series by getting hurt and having to go to the emergency room. Step by step, the wonderful medical professionals he meets along the way bring him comfort and help him to understand what they will do to bring him back to the best health possible.

From there, Beamer continues to learn about his own health and safety challenges and those of his friends and family.

As we follow our hero on his journey to better understand his own health and the challenges of those he loves, we watch him become more empowered and willing to do everything he can to live a healthy life, and to help those around him to do the same.

Beamer's stories will reduce your fears and make you smile.