Tell Me Town

Town Hall

Hi, I'm Mayor Goodman,
Welcome to our Town Hall.

Here we honor the many doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, fire safety experts, teachers, business professionals, families and children who have come to Tell Me Town to teach important health and safety information in our books.  Our sincere thanks to everyone who participates in our books as cartoon characters teaching and telling their stories.  You can see the bios of these wonderful people in the back pages of our books.  You can see many written endorsements from very prestigious organizations and professionals on the back covers of our books as well.  Here is a list of our published books, with many more on the way:

  • Beamer Visits The Emergency Room
  • Beamer Visits The Children's Rehabilitation Center 
  • Beamer Learns About Cancer
  • Beamer Learns About Type 1 Diabetes
  • My Friend Has Special Needs
  • Beamer Learns About Fire Safety
  • Beamer Learns The Signs Of A Stroke And How To Help
  • Grandma Noonie Has Alzheimer's
  • The Big Game (The importance of healthy values on and off the field)
  • Beamer Learns About Scolosis
  • Beamr Visits The Dentist

We are very grateful to everyone who participates in our books and we thank you for helping us to provide comfort and education to children and their families on these important topics.