Tell Me Town

Dr. Poochio

Hi, I’m Dr. Poochio. I’m the doctor in charge of the Emergency Room at the hospital here in Tell Me Town. I’ve been friends with Beamer and Kyle since Beamer was a puppy. We met when Beamer hurt his leg and I helped him feel better. Beamer and Kyle often visit me at the hospital and tell me how they are doing. They also ask me lots of questions about how to stay healthy and happy.

I am proud of Kyle and Beamer. I like to give them certificates for the good things they do. The next time you do something good, let me know and I’ll give you a certificate, too!

Did you do something good today?

You can make Dr. Poochio proud of you too. Just select something from the list. Then download your certificate, print it, and fill it out. You can also color it in any way you like.


  • Positive participation in class
  • Completed all homework assignments
  • Got good grades
  • Learned something new


  • Helped when asked
  • Helped without being asked
  • Cleaned up my things
  • Asked someone in my family about their day


  • Ate healthy food
  • Got exercise
  • Got enough sleep
  • Learned something good about health


  • Was kind and respectful to others
  • Helped a friend
  • Helped someone in my family
  • Told someone that I am proud of them
  • Helped a charity