Tell Me Town


Hey, I’m Kyle. I live here on Buddy Boulevard with Beamer and my family. Beamer and I have been together since he was just a puppy. You can read the stories of our experiences with doctors, firefighters, and sports heroes in The Beamer Book Series and Tell Me Town Books.

Did you know, I like to play sports and spend time at the Tell Me Town Stadium? That's where I go to see Coach Kedric.  He's a great coach.  You should come by and visit the stadium. You can even join a team. That would be really cool!

Did you know?

  • Kyle likes to learn about health and safety
  • Kyle is Beamer's best friend
  • Kyle loves sports
  • Kyle is proud of the doctors, firefighters and EMTs

You can sign up for a Tell Me Town team right now! We have a lot to choose from, come and see! Come to the Tell Me Town Stadium and you'll see me!