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Hello, I'm Miss Hope.  Welcome to the Tell Me Town Store where you'll find all of our published books on health and safety issues written in collaboration with highly respected doctors and other experts.  You may see someone you know in one of our books.  They are each written to provide comfort and education for children and their families.  Thank you for supporting our mission and for being here with us in Tell Me Town.    

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  • Now I Understand Aphasia

    Come with Beamer and his best friend Kyle as they learn about aphasia from experts with years of experience. Join them as they learn what aphasia is, and how to help their dear friend who has just been diagnosed. This endearing story of friendship will encourage you to communicate with someone who has aphasia. You will learn that you really can make a difference.

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  • Emily Helps Us Manage Type 1 Diabetes

    Come with Beamer as he learns how to manage Type 1 Diabetes from his friends Dr. Nachos and Emily. In real life, "Dr. Nachos" is Dr. Neacsu, a highly respected Endocrinologist, and "Emily" is Emily Flint who has been managing Type 1 Diabetes since she was very young. With a great support team Emily has grown to be a healthy and happy adult. Emily and Dr. Nachos have great advice to share so you can grow up healthy and happy too!

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  • Tia Learns About Type II Diabetes

    Come with Tia and her mom as they learn that Tia has Type II Diabetes and what she needs to do to become healthy for life. In this very special story, real doctors have become cartoon characters to help children easily understand Type II Diabetes and how children who are diagnosed can become heroes of their health for life.

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  • Beamer Learns About Traumatic Brain Injury

    Come with Beamer and his best friend Kyle as they learn about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from Dr. Schreiber, who in real life is a Pediatric Neurologist, and from Olivia, who in real life has a TBI. Join them on their journey as they learn what a TBI is, and how to be good supportive friends for Olivia.

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  • A Family Learns about Deployment

    Come with Beamer and his good friend Colonel Dr. Smores as they help a little boy named Tyler understand what it means to be deployed. Follow a mother as she and her family prepare for her deployment. Share the journey her children and husband go through while she is away, and share in the joy of her return.

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  • Pounce Helps Children Prepare for Surgery

    Come with Pounce, the lion cub, as he learns what happens when a child needs surgery. Follow Pounce as he prepares for, and goes through his own surgery, living the life of a child. Follow Pounce as he meets his anesthesiologist (Dr. Dreamtime), and the other medical professionals who gently guide him every step of the way, with kindness and compassion.

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  • Beamer Learns About Scoliosis

    Join Beamer and a classroom full of Middle School students on their journey to learn about Scoliosis. Dr. Moe helps us understand how the spine is impacted and what can be done to help, while the students teach us that no matter what happens in life, we should all show kindness and friendship to one another.

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  • My Friend Has Special Needs

    Come with Beamer and Kyle as they learn about friendship, love, and what it means to have special needs. Join them on their journey as they discover what's really important to all of us.

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  • Grandma Noonie Has Alzheimer's

    Come with Pippy as she tells Grandma Noonie's story. You will learn about Alzheimer's and its impact on the entire family. Grandma Noonie's story will warm your heart and give you hope as you learn about love, understanding, and helping to find a cure.

    It is available at:

  • The Big Game

    Come with Beamer and his best friend Kyle, as they prepare for the big game and learn how to become the very best they can be, on and off the field, from their mentor, Coach Kedric of The Tell Me Town Heroes.

    It is available at: and

  • Beamer Learns about Type 1 Diabetes

    Join Beamer and his best friend Kyle as they go on a magical journey to learn about Type 1 Diabetes with their good friend Michael. The delightful characters they meet throughout their journey will help us understand how our bodies work and how to successfully manage Diabetes on a daily basis.

    It is available at: and

  • Beamer Learns About Fire Safety

    Come with Beamer as he learns the importance of Fire Safety. His visit to The Tell Me Town Fire & Rescue Station will help you understand the importance of creating a fire safety plan for your home. Beamer, and his best friend Kyle, learn from some welcoming firefighters and the chief of The Tell Me Town Fire & Rescue Station. Share in their excitement as they learn key aspects of fire safety that are important for all families.

    It is available at: and

  • Beamer Visits the Dentist

    Come with Beamer as he tells his story of growing up in Tell Me Town and experiencing his first dental visit. This gentle therapy dog lives the life of a child with his best friend Kyle. Beamer's new friends Miss Jade and Dr. Kim will reduce your fears, while providing a positive and entertaining look at going to the dentist.

    It is available at: and

  • Beamer Learns About Cancer

    Join Beamer and Kyle in Tell Me Town as they learn about cancer from Dr. Raj who explains it in terms that are easy for almost anyone to understand. With this knowledge, Beamer and Kyle are better able to encourage and support their friend Tayo through his journey. Gabriella Miller's special writing at the beginning of the book will encourage and enlighten.

    It is available at: and

  • Beamer Learns the Signs of Stroke and How to Help

    Beamer, the therapy dog, and his best friend Kyle learn the signs of stroke and how to help from their good friend Dr. Poochio in Tell Me Town. No matter your age, Dr. Poochio's explanation will help you understand this important topic which impacts over 600,000 people per year. Like Beamer and Kyle, you will be happy to know more about how you might someday help someone you love.

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  • Beamer Visits the Children's Rehabilitation Center

    Come with Beamer, a gentle therapy dog, as he takes you on a journey to learn about Children's Rehabilitation. Beamer will make you smile while he helps you understand Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy for children. With his unconditional love and encouragement, Beamer will make you glad to become "Beamer's Buddy™."

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  • Beamer Visits the Emergency Room

    Join Beamer as he helps you understand what happens in the emergency room. Beamer's story will touch your heart, reduce your fears, and make you smile. You'll be glad you met this gentle dog who provides unconditional love and encouragement.

    This is the first book in The Beamer Book Series. It is available at: and